PPC Services

Google Adwords/ Pay Per Click abbreviated as PPC, is one of the most widely used internet advertising models to generate direct traffic to websites. The fundamental principle of PPC is rather simple: the advertisers pay the publisher (website owner) when the ad is clicked. However, the internal process of PPC involves keyword research, advertisement campaign generation, advertisement creation and optimization, as well as research reporting on the search terms.

  How Google Adwords/ PPC Works

  • Choose specific keywords to appear in your ad
  • When people search for those keywords, your ad appears next to relevant search results
  • You only pay a hosting service (like Google) when your ad is clicked.
  • PPC experts will ensure your website gets relevant traffic that is meaningful to your business.

Online Market analysis and technical skills to produce efficient results

  • Account Creation and submission
  • Campaign Structuring
  • Keyword and Ad text formation
  • Defining tightly themed Ad Group
  • Implementing conversion Tracking
  • Implementing custom tracking
  • Campaign Live!
  • Monitoring the performance

Pay per Click (PPC) is the fastest growing forms of Internet Advertising today, and it is imperative to invest wisely in the services to get a high ROI. PPC experts at 360 Digi world’s guide you through the process and design well researched campaigns to give you optimum results.

We believe in delivering what we promise, and this has made 360 Digi World, a name to reckon with in the market.