5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2019

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Digital marketing will have a lot more than SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing in 2019. Well, we are sure because we have seen movements last year which suggested the dramatic shift of the digital marketing landscape.

Things which were relatively new and measured as gimmicks last year like visual search and Artificial Intelligence will be the catalyst for new trendsetter in 2019.

Businesses need to know about the new digital marketing strategies and trends as they need to use them to achieve success. The changes that are evolving in the current times are mostly high-tech, mostly internet-connected and are capable of giving a huge boost to the companies.

We here list the broad 5 digital marketing trends that marketers need to know about for optimum results.

1. Artificial Intelligence

It is a fact that Developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation will transform our world. Experts are yet to figure out and give the right data and statistics on how, when, and where AI will impact the most.
But, in digital marketing, it has already established itself.
At least, it is making the job simpler.
So, every digital marketer needs to know about it and make the maximum out of it.
Most of the marketers are concerned and fear on the automation aspect of letting businesses run on AI and ML (Machine Learning), but the hard-core fact is, it is still a long way to surpass the human intervention.
So, attention marketers, you need to learn about AI and the related new drifts that will rule this year.
• Chatbots
With this AI-based technology, you can connect with your clients and site visitors instantly at any point in time. Customers always welcome the guided assistance and when they receive a prompt reply, and they particularly like the chatbots.
Why? Because chatbots are quick, they never lose patience, recall the entire buying history and of course answers punctually.
Introducing chatbots will give you extra time as the repetitive task of answering the similar kind of questions is left to the virtual assistants which run on automation. You have extra time to do some more productive work.
Well, these are not the only benefits, chatbots help businesses save more than $8 billion annually which is a huge amount.
No wonder that businesses are already using and those who are still left, planning to get it done by the end of the year.
• Programmatic Advertising
This is to automate ad buying so that you reach the target audience which will result in higher conversions. Running programmatic advertisements also means that the client or customer acquisition costs will be much less than the traditional advertisement.
As a digital marketer, you need to know about them as it is much faster and more efficient and is changing the face of digital marketing rapidly.

•Content Curation
This technology in marketing is to provide information on how client A is buying and saving money. This is to inspire the other buyers to buy the deal for themselves. This is very popular in Amazon where we constant get notifications about such purchases and it stimulates us to check the product or services.
Even for movies and series, Netflix has its own recommendation system which is great and people now tend to rely on it.
But the question is how can you get the advantage from it?
Well, show each of the blog visitors who are visiting your article and send them recommendations of a similar kind which are related and can be useful for them.
They will appreciate the content you have curated for them and will remain hooked for a much longer time. User engagement time is well appreciated by the search crawlers and with this unique feature, you will get the desired attention from all sides.
Imagine showing each of your blog’s visitors’ articles that are more related to them, they are topics based on posts and subjects they’ve already looked at on your blog. They’d definitely spend more time on it.

• Email Marketing
This year, you need to get your clients from all possible direction then why not consider email- the most private, personalized and attention gaining way to communicate
Very rare is the case when someone ignores the inbox of their email. Even if they do not read the entire mail, they will definitely skim through the content and find what is the essence of the mail.
So, do not feel shy to reach your client’s inbox, but be sure not to flood their inbox with spammy and unnecessary long emails. You may be unsubscribed by your client if you send too many emails in a short period of time.

• UX Or User Experience
A good UX or user experience keep the client engagedwith the site for a long period of time. Giving them the right and easy navigation, easy and simple checkouts after making the purchase and providing them personalized information all with the help of AI does increase UX.

2. Personalization

Customers are really worried about their data being captured and stored but they like the personalized services provided to them.
The mantra for 2019 will be personalized marketing. It can be emails, content, products, recommendations and everything that a user needs to know before making purchases.
It gives them their own space and they remain connected with the website.
This is the reason why apps of Amazon, Netflix and other service and e-commerce website are so popular.
Address our client with their names and make it personalized by addressing them with it.
With the available data of purchase history, links clicked, sites browsed and even the products and services purchased or browsed, you can get them the personalized services.
But, one thing is for sure, you need AI to get it done without any room for errors or mistakes.

3. Video Marketing

Videos are getting popular and most of the websites are now having them on their landing pages. Why? They are easy to understand, saves a lot of time and of course, the clients get a face to recognize.
Reading a blog or article is formal, watching someone explaining is more personal and clients get connected easily.
Introducing videos to their websites has produced these important data
• 70% of consumers agree that they have shared a brand’s video.
• 72% of businesses have agreed that video has enhanced their conversion rate.
• 52% of clients say that watching product videos is what they do before making a purchase

4. Social Media

Social media is not just to send messages to your near and dear ones. It is now a big marketing platform and you need to establish there by the end of 2019.
It might be a rage now, but by the end of the year, it will be a necessity. Without the right attention, you will not get business. For the right attention you need to go to places where you can find your existing clients and even the potential customers.
If you fail to do so, your competitors will swallow up your big share and you will evaporate completely out of the scene.
Out of sight is out of mind, and to remain in the limelight, you need to get the right platform for your presence.
One more thing, there are plenty of social media platforms, but it is very difficult for you and anyone to establish yourself in all the platforms.
The right thing is to choose the best ones for you and remain active there.

5. Voice searches and of course, smart speakers

Gone are the days when searches were made only by typing in the search bar. Now, there are voice assistants that are providing answers to the voice queries.
So, you need Sir and Alexa recommending you.
And how you do that?
Companies are now introducing voice searching technologies to get their client attention. This is the reason that Dominos increases its sales by getting orders through Alexa.
Demand for Smart speakers is at a rise and more than 39 million Americans have it in their home.
They are now completely dependant on them and without their assistant, they cannot imagine their life.
So, what next?
Well, there will be room for sponsors and without mentioning the sponsor, these voice assistances will not answer to the queries. You need to appear in the voice searches and if affordable, get recommended as well.
Try to communicate in the conversational mode because the keywords henceforth will be spoken and not typed.
The dynamics of the entire search gamut will undergo a lot of changes and you need to know about it.

2019 is all about great customer experience which will come with the automation, AI and data accumulation. The smart marketers need to know all about it. Not only will these pointers increase the conversion rates but also increase the brand awareness which has a huge impact to increase the client base.
So, as the focus is on the automation and high dependence on AI, the marketers really need to know I detail about it and keep themselves updated.

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